PowerShell and NetApp: NetApp OnTap SDK with .net Support

My employer is in the midst of migrating our SAN storage to NetApp. A quick Google search for NetApp and PowerShell returned a few promising results:

Glenn over at Get-Admin gives a quick tutorial for the basic setup in his post “NetApp OnTap SDK 3.5 released with .net support(AKA PowerShell Support)!” The next several posts on his blog detail working with the SDK to gather all sorts of information. This is a great starting point.

Andy Schneider links to the PowerShell OnTAP project on CodePlex in his post “Working with NetApp using PowerShell.” To quote the PowerShell OnTAP project description, it is a “PowerShell script library that interacts with the NetApp Manage OnTAP SDK services.” Andy also adds some functions of his own to work with LUNs and volumes.

I’ve not yet had much time to look at the PowerShell OnTAP project or the DSK documentation itself, but from an initial cursory glance it looks promising. I look forward to using this to generate reports and automate some of the administrative tasks with NetApp SANs.



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