Exchange 2007 Monitoring with GroundWork and PowerShell

Many of you may already know that Exchange 2007 makes most, if not all, of Exchange administrative functions available through PowerShell cmdlets. Many of these cmdlets lend themselves to monitoring the environment. for example, it is quite easy to use PoSH to check the CCR and SCR health.

One would then think it trivial to implement  a solution to leverage these cmdlets in the GroundWork monitoring environment. However, this has not been the case for my team.

The root of our problem is our desire to use the GDMA agent, which runs as a service on each monitored machine. The agent is currently 32 bit. Our Exchange 2007 environment is completely 64 bit, including all of the PoSH cmdlets for Exchange. I have not been able to find a way to force the 32 bit cmdlets to install on a 64 bit computer. so, when the agent launches PowerShell, is launches the 32 bit version, which is then unable to load the 64 bit Exchange snapin.

We’re pushing Groundwork for a 64 bit agent, which would resolve our issue. In the meantime, we’ve begun to implement a work-around. We’ve created a Windows 2003 32 bit GroundWork proxy and have installed the 32 bit Exchange 2007 tools on it. We can then have the proxy launch the cmdlets to check various exchange functions remotely and then pass the results to the Groundwork servers. It’s a less than ideal solution, but should work until GroundWork releases a 64 bit Windows agent.

If you have experienced a similar issue and have other workaround solutions, I’d be happy to hear about it.




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