Rename Active Directory Groups with Powershell

Renaming Active Directory groups turned out to be easier than I though. There are two core commands needed, rename-adobject and set-adgroup. Here’s a simple example:

get-adgroup -identity “LongGroupName” | %{set-adgroup -samaccountname “ShortName”; $_ | rename-adobject -newname “ShortName”}

To rename all of the groups in an OU based on some pattern, you could try this:

get-adgroup -filter * -searchbase ‘OU=Groups,DC=fabrikam,DC=com’ | %{$newname = “Groups -” + $“-“,4)[3]; $_ | set-adgroup -samaccountname $newname; $_ | rename-adobject -newname $newname}

Key points on this example:

  • searchbase is used to return all groups in an OU
  • I used the split method to strip out preceding sections of the original group name, seperated by -. This would be changed to suite your environment
  • Pass it all down the pipeline and execution is pretty fast.



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